Psyche (2017)

This current series of work has been created to explore the feelings and emotions of everyday life and how they relate to the mind. 

Mind You

Pen & ink on paper

This expressive piece was inspired by the concept of emotional intelligence. At times we can all find ourselves in a whirlwind of emotions, racing through life and blind to logic. However, we all have access to a calmer state of mind that, with practise, can lend you a helping hand, remind you to slow down and look at the bigger picture. 

Life is Short

Pen & ink and watercolour on paper

This artwork was inspired by the Hippocrates quote: "Ars longa, vita brevis", which translates to Life is short, Art is long


Watercolour on paper

Within this artwork I have explored the feeling of being mindful. When we practise mindfulness, we are able to find a place of peace in our minds. The beauty of this peaceful place is that it exists even when we're surrounded by thick clouds and turbulent seas.


Watercolour and Pen & Ink on paper

This artwork was created for World Health Day as the World Health Organisation's focus this year is encouraging people to seek out help for depression. While I'm not depressed now, I know what it feels like. I created this artwork because I believe my art can express more than I could ever explain with words.

If you're struggling please know that it is okay to seek and accept help. Not easy, I know, but so important to talk about it and not suffer in silence.

Who are you?

Watercolour and Pen & Ink on canvas